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Doosis is a software house consisting of an amazing team of IT specialists based in Edinburgh, Scotland, that offers flexible, customisable, and affordable software and automation options for many business needs. We provide services world wide across most sectors and industries and we help to ensure better efficiency and higher productivity through identifying problems and goals, meeting requirements and expectations, and the delivery of customised software.


Mission and Values

Software applications and IT infrastructure make up a major part of any business. Doosis highlights shortcomings, formulate modern solutions and manages resources through streamlining processes and strategies, develop innovative software applications and automation of companies’ workflows, support businesses in becoming more efficient, more scalable, and more profitable.

We provide consulting, requirement analysis, evaluation and implementation of customer-specific solutions, as well as software integration with a personal touch. Our competence is our distinguishing feature. We have many years of experience in software development and process optimisation, driven by a team of developers and experts who cover the most popular programming languages for both client and server-side applications’ architectures. We are determined to help businesses achieve their goals in the long run.

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